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Making Things Worse on Purpose

February 13, 2021 · Customizing one’s browser is a neat way to cut out app “features” that squeeze value out of users by being more irritating than useful.

Hearst Hall

November 22, 2020 · Hearst Hall is a stunning example of California Arts & Crafts architecture. What does a gothic hall—built, moved, and built again by a mining baroness, burned down in 1922, and now largely forgotten—say about the spaces that replace it?

Web Syndication with JSON Feeds

November 02, 2020 · Sometime in the last ten years, while you were mourning the loss of Google Reader, we entered the golden age of the feed. A brief pitch for web syndication and an overview of the tools I’ve built for generating and working with JSON Feeds.

Processing PDFs with Cloud Functions

October 19, 2020 · A personal project of mine requires storing and processing tens of gigabytes of scraped files. I discuss using polyglot Cloud Functions as a rudimentary data pipeline: first, a function for highly parallel file uploads; second, one for PDF text extraction.

Web App Product Ontologies

August 22, 2020 · What are a product’s central concepts? I consider planning products around a product model’s “noumena”. Such an object-oriented organizing principle should mitigate corrective error and, hopefully, set you up for interpretable and reusable componentry.

Architecture and Organs

July 25, 2020 · The first of two posts discussing pipe organs as tool/building hybrids. Part one discusses the relationship between organs and the places that enclose them.